hi and welcome!
I'm Meagan & I've been unexpectedly
telling stories for 8 years.
Being a photographer wasn't a lifelong
dream of mine, but instead something I
fell into & in love with.

It was real life that first sparked this
love of photography & it is
the real that continues to drive me.

I believe there is profound beauty
in the moments that go deeper
than the pretty. No one loves
beautiful details more than I, but
I believe it is the real moments
we will most treasure decades from now.

It is these moments I strive to capture
at every session & wedding & it is those
images that I am most proud of.
is a wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Tennessee, specializing in Vibrant & Timeless images
A Few of my Favorite Things ...
Remi The K-9
love of my life.
Travel The only thing
you can buy
that makes life richer.
Water It draws me.
It soothes me.
It renews me.
Community Family,
friends & those
that are somehow
Backpacking Because life is
too short
to stay inside.
Haiti Where a portion
of my heart
will always be.
Ranunculous Or really,
any flowers
for any reason.
Everything else is
just a game.